unfiltered cigarettes Gitane

Unfiltered cigarettes Gitanes.

Cigarettes Gitanes Brunes Non-Filtered are famous for his or her full flavor and sweet, spicy aroma. The cigarettes unique and distinctive flavor originates from the special method that’s accustomed to cure the tobacco. These short, wide unfiltered cigarettes Gitanes contain only 0.8 mg of nicotine and lots of smoke that you should enjoy, but remain smooth and refreshing. These cigarettes Gitanes are skillfully full of a dark and earthy tobacco. The dark tobacco utilized in unfiltered cigarettes Gitanes results in a sweet and aromatic aftertaste, not the tough chemical taste that’s present in other unfiltered brands. These beautiful blue packs, decorated using the picture of a gypsy lady, are shorter and wider than most, which makes them instantly find out the holder like a smoker by having an excellent palate. Unfiltered cigarettes Gitanes burn gradually and evenly, giving the smoker enough time to enjoy their strong, distinct flavor.